• Zero Compression & Zero frame latency
  • Supports UltraHD 4K/60 (4:4:4), HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2
  • 4K/60Hz Over 10G Copper
  • RS-232 Serial Port (Bidirectional)
  • IR (Bidirectional)
  • Scalable : wide range of down-scaling & up-scaling
  • 1Gb network port
  • Fiber Cable supports 10KM, 20KM, or 40KM range
  • Line In/Out Audio
  • Visual Capability : Matrix , Video Wall, MultiView, Point to Point
  • Rack & Under Table Mounting

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aegis 4KPROIP series supports UltraHD 4K/60 Hz (4:4:4) over a 10Gb Ethernet switch using standard CAT6 cables that source sent from HDMI can up to 100 meters. Delivering zero compression 4K and latency, the 4KPROIP provides supreme quality of audio and video outputs. As an alliance member of SDVoE, aegis 4KPROIP solution offers an easy and flexible distributions that bring multiple information sources to one or many displays. The multi-point distribution functions includes: Matrix switching, Video Wall, MultiView and Point to Point. 4KPROIP also has IR controlling feature and RS232 serial port for giving commends over the network. 1Gb Ethernet port allows direct connect to control software device as a mobility feature. The USB 2.0 as an option feature that works as a KVM function over the network. 4KPROIP also supports wide range of up-scaling and down-scaling for resolutions up to 4K/60 (4:4:4).

The function of the 4KPROIP-FOC-EN encoder (transmitter) is to receive audio and video data from variety of source interfaces and convert the data to a format suitable for transmission via 10Gbit network switch.
The video stream sent by an Encoder will only be received by designated control entity.
4KPROIP-FOC-EN provides streaming that carries 4K/60Hz (4:4:4) audio, video, IR, RS-232 over an IP network in one-to-one or many-to-many configurations with Fiber that supports 10KM, 20KM, or 40KM range .

4KPROIP-CBS, the control of the 4KPROIP system, is available.

Select your part number:
  • 4KPROIP-CAT-EN: for 10Gb Copper
  • 4KPROIP-CAT-EN-U: for 10Gb Copper with USB
  • 4KPROIP-FOC-EN: for 10Gb Fiber
  • 4KPROIP-FOC-EN-U: for 10Gb Fiber with USB
視頻 HDMI 2.0和HDCP 2.2 HDMI 2.0 A型母X 1
音頻 數字:7.1聲道
HDMI 2.0 A型母X 1
3.5mm立體聲插孔X 1
框內 頻率:20~60Khz 3.5mm立體聲插孔X 1通過Blaster
3.5mm立體聲插孔X 1通過接收器
RS-232C 波特率高達115.2 kbps 鳳凰3pin女X 1
以太網絡 10 GbE用於視頻,音頻,USB,Inframe,RS-232
1 GbE for Control軟件
RJ45插孔或SFP +端口X 1
RJ45插孔X 1
功率 12VDC / 2Amp / 24瓦(最大) DC插座鎖定類型X 1
決議 720i,720P,1080i的,1080,4K / 30Hz的,4K / 60Hz的
顏色深度 12位,24位,36位
傳輸距離 光纖:40km
8英寸(205毫米)x 5.3英寸(135毫米)x 2英寸(50毫米)的應用
9.8英寸(250毫米)x 7.9英寸(200毫米)x 3.7英寸(95毫米)
溫度 操作:32F~104F(0℃~40℃)
濕度 操作:20%~90%(非冷凝)
MTBF 100,000小時
單位號碼 描述
4KPROIP-CAT-EN 4KPROIP銅編碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE
4KPROIP-CAT-DE 4KPROIP銅解碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE
4KPROIP-CAT-AND-U 4KPROIP銅編碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE和USB
4KPROIP-CAT-DE-U 4KPROIP銅解碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE和USB
4KPROIP-FIRE-EN 4KPROIP光纖編碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE
4KPROIP火-DE 具有HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE的4KPROIP光纖解碼器
4KPROIP-FIRE-IN-U 4KPROIP光纖編碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE和USB
4KPROIP-FIRE-DE-U 4KPROIP光纖解碼器,帶HDMI,Inframe,模擬音頻,RS-232C,1 GbE和USB