Music today isn’t like it used to be.

In some ways, it’s better. Every song on the planet is raining down from the cloud, and you can carry your personal soundtrack around in the palm of your hand. Pretty amazing.

But somehow, even though the choices got bigger, the sound got smaller, especially at home. Despite all the ear buds and celebrity headphones and speaker docks and adapter cables that litter the house, something is missing.

We’ve lost the feeling of walking through the door, kicking off our shoes, turning up the volume and letting loose in the living room, singing at the top of our lungs in the shower,or picking the perfect playlist for a party. The pure, liberating joy of listening to the music we love, out loud, with family and friends.

Our mission is to bring that joy back home, by creating products that make listening great again.

We’re starting with the great-sounding PS1 SpeakerPR1 Receiver, and companion Phorus apps for AndroidiOS, and Windows. We stripped away the complications, the cords, and the compromises, and created a home audio system for the way people listen to music today.

Personal devices are the source of the sound, and the center of control. We mean all kinds of devices, too, because there’s no way that the phone in your pocket should define how you get to enjoy your music. We use Wi-Fi to stream with maximum range, and pristine, lossless audio quality. It works, and it’s everywhere. Then we add the secret sauce: our breakthrough Play-Fi audio streaming technology: Perfect multi-room, multi-user synchronization, zero audio drop-outs, and the simplest set-up experience ever.

The Phorus home audio system: It’s Wi-Fi listening, made easy.
A labor of love for us, a whole new experience for you.