★Intel Atom C3000  CPU
★四個Gigabit LAN 連接埠+兩個USB3.0連接埠
★可支援2.5″與3.5″ SSD/SATA硬碟


ReadyNAS 426 硬體規格

 CPU 規格  Intel Atom C3000 Quad Core Processor
 記憶體  4GB DDR4
 硬碟槽數  6
 支援硬碟類型  SATA/SSD 2.5” or 3.5”
 是否支援硬碟熱插拔  Yes
 3.5”硬碟免工具安裝  Yes
 eSATA 擴充連接埠  1
 Gigabit LAN 連接埠  4
 USB 連接埠  Two (2) USB 3.0 (1 front, 1 rear)
 電源供應器  Internal 200W PSU
 電源滿功率負載時之散熱功效(BTU)  68.57W
 電源功耗: 運作中  63.11W
 電源功耗: 網路喚醒  4.6W
 電源功耗: 關機狀態  189mW
 兩行式LCD顯示器  Yes
 導覽按鈕  Yes
 風扇尺寸 (mm)  120mm
 產品尺寸 長x寬x高 (mm)  277 x 192 x 259
 產品重量 (kg)  7.43kg
 可否外接藍芽接收器  No
 最大連線使用者人數(建議值)  40~1024
 保固期限  台灣公司貨,享5年全機保固

可使用桌上型或企業級硬碟 (本產品主機不含硬碟)

如規格有異動,恕不另行通知 © 2017著作權為NETGEAR所有。NETGEAR並保有所有權利。

ReadyNAS 426 軟體規格

Data Protection (Backup & Replication)
• Unlimited block-based snapshots for
continuous data protection
• Restore Snapshots to any point in time
• Restore Snapshot data from local admin GUI,
ReadyCLOUD, or native Windows File Explorer
• Scheduled and manual snapshots
• Instantly clone snapshots
• File Synchronization (rsync)
• Encrypted Remote Replication
• Cloud managed Remote Replication
(ReadyNAS to ReadyNAS). No licenses
required for ReadyNAS OS 6 devices.
• AES 256-bit volume based encryption
• X-RAID™ (automatic single volume online expansion)
• Expand multiple RAID groups (vdev)
• Single Disk, JBOD
• RAID Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
• RAID Global Hot Spare
• eSATA external HDD
• Backup to external storage (USB/eSATA)
• Apple Time Machine support
• Remote Apple Time Machine backup and
restore (over ReadyNAS Remote)
• ReadyNAS Vault Cloud backup
(optional service)
• Amazon Cloud Drive synchronization
(requires Amazon account)
• DropBox file synchronization
(requires DropBox account)
• Real-time Anti-Virus scanning using
signature and heuristic algorithms. (No
end-user licenses required) Protection for
viruses, malware, worms, and Trojans.
• Bitrot automatic detection & correction for degraded media
• ReadyDR block level replication technology
• ReadyDR backup from any ReadyNAS to any
ReadyNAS (Intel based)
• ReadyDR for shares and LUNs backup

Storage Area Networks (SAN), Virtualization
• Unlimited iSCSI LUN Snapshot
• Thin or thick provision LUNs
• Multi-LUN per target
• LUN mapping
• LUN masking
• SPC-3 Persistent Reservation (iSCSI)
• MC/S (iSCSI)
• Max # iSCSI Target: 256
• Max # iSCSI LUN: 256
• VMware vSphere 5
• Citrix XenServer 6
• Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
• Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering
• Windows Server 2012 R2

ReadyCLOUD (cloud access to ReadyNAS)
• ReadyCLOUD portal based data access and management
• Upgrade firmware remotely
• VPN quality remote data transfer and management
• Share data with external parties &
co-workers directly from portal
• Share file via email link

ReadyCLOUD Client Applications
• ReadyCLOUD client applications for Apple
OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Apple iOS
• VPN quality remote data transfer and management
• Simple remote access through ReadyCLOUD client (no firewall or router configuration needed)
• Sync files/folders between PC (Mac/ Windows) & ReadyNAS
• Sync files/folders between multiple PCs and ReadyNAS
• Sync files/folders between multiple users & ReadyNAS
• Backup files/folders from PC to ReadyNAS
• Sync files/folders between PC (Mac/ Windows) & ReadyNAS
• Sync files/folders between multiple PCs and ReadyNAS
• Sync files/folders between multiple users & ReadyNAS
• Backup files/folders from PC to ReadyNAS

File System & Transfer Protocols
• ReadyNAS OS 6.6 or later
• Linux 4.x
• Internal File System: BTRFS
• External File System: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
• Copy-on-write file system
• Data Compression
• Microsoft Network (CIFS/SMB 3)
• Apple OS X (AFP 3.3)
• Linux/Unix (NFS v4)
• Internet (HTTP)
• Secure Internet (HTTPS)
• File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
• FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit)
• FTP Passive mode with port range setup
• FTP Bandwidth control
• FTP Anonymous
• FTP Transfer Log
• Secure Shell (SSH)
• Web Authoring (WebDAV)
• Storage Array Network (iSCSI)
• File Synchronization (rsync)
• Local web file manager

• Max # Users: 8192
• Max # User Groups: 8192
• Max # Share Folder: 1024
• Max # Concurrent Connections: 1024
• Share Folder Level ACL Support
• Advanced Folder Permissions with Subfolder ACL support for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP
• Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller Authentication
• Local access list
• ReadyCLOUD based ACL
• Domain user login via CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP

• ReadyCLOUD cloud-based discovery and management
• RAIDar local discovery agent (Windows/Mac)
• Save and restore system configuration (clone devices)
• Local event log
• Connection reporting (SMB)
• Local Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Languages: English, German, French,
Japanese, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified),
Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian,
Spanish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Korean
• Unicode support
• Volume Management
• Thin provision Shares and LUNs
• Instant Provisioning/Expansion with data protection
• Restore to factory default
• Operating Systems supported: Microsoft
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Microsoft Windows
Server 2008 R2/2012, Apple OS X, Linux/
Unix, Solaris, Apple iOS, Google Android
• Supported Web Browsers (Microsoft
Internet Explorer 9+, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 14+, Google Chrome 20+, Apple Safari 5+)

System Monitoring
• Device capacity, performance, resource and
health monitoring
• Bad block scan
• Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T.
• File System Check
• Disk Scrubbing
• Disk Defragment
• Volume balance
• Alerts (SMTP email, LCD, SNMP, local log)
• Auto-shutdown (hard drive, fan, UPS)
• Auto-restart on power recovery

Networking Protocols
• IPv4
• IPv6
• Static IP Address
• Dynamic IP Address
• Multiple IP Settings
• DHCP Client
• UPnP Discovery
• Bonjour Discovery
• Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad
• Port Trunking (balanced round robin, active
backup, balance xor, broadcast, 802.3ad
link aggregation LACP, transmit load
balancing, adaptive load balancing)
• Hash Types IEEE 802.3ad LACP or XOR
(Layer 2, Layer3, Layer 4)
• Jumbo Frames
• Static routes
• Secure Shell (SSH)
• Simple Network Management Protocol v2, v3
• Network Time Protocol (NTP)

• ReadyDLNA (UPnP DLNA Media Server)
• ReadyDLNA streams to any compliant
device including Playstation and Xbox
• ReadyDLNA mobile clients for remote media
streaming (iOS, Android)
• ReadyDLNA supported music formats
(wav, wma, pcm, ogg, mp3, m4a, flac, aac)
• ReadyDLNA supported photo formats
(jpg, jpeg)
• ReadyDLNA supported video formats
(3gp, mp4, wmv, xvid, vob, ts, tivo, mts,
mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov, mkv, m4v, m4p,
m2t, m2ts, flv,flc, fla, divx, avi, asf)
• ReadyDLNA supported playlist formats
(pls, m3u)
• ReadyNAS Surveillance (free trial, license
required) supports over 85 brands and
2000 models of IP cameras
• ReadyNAS Surveillance supports up to
32 HD cameras
• iTunes Server
• iTunes supported audio formats
(mp3, m4a, m4p, wav, aif)
• iTunes supported video formats
(m4v, mov, mp4)
• iTunes supported playlist formats (m3u, wpl)
• TiVo Archiving (varies by model and region)
• Plex Media Server streams to DLNA and
Plex clients

• ENGR 10049 EST Environmental Stress
Test Guideline
• ENGR 10045 EVT Engineering Validation
Test Guideline
• ENGR 10048 CVT Compliance Validation
Test Guideline
• ENGR 10046 System Validation Test Guideline
• ENGR 10023 HALT Accelerated Life
Test Guideline
• ENGR 10036 CDG Component Derating

• Noise levels: <28dBA @ 30C (ReadyNAS
516/716), <24.9dBA @ 30C (all other units)
• Operating Temperature: 0-45C
• Operating Humidity: 20-80% relative
humidity, non-condensing
• Smart Fan
• Scheduled Power on/off
• UPS Support
• Network UPS with SNMP Management
• Wake on LAN
• Hard drive disk spin down
• Schedule power on/off
• Auto-power on (after shutdown)
• AC Input Power Voltage 100V to 240V
• Power Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz,
Single Phase
• Certification: FCC Class B, CE Class B, RoHS,
VCCI Class B

• RTRAY05: Replacement/additional 3.5” or
2.5” disk drive tray

• Add-on Applications
• One click installation of add-on applications
directly through local GUI
• Application available for productivity,
media, backup, surveillance, and many
• NETGEAR applications include Surveillance,
Photo Sharing, Advanced configuration
• Partner applications include BitTorrent
Sync, Plex, Memeo, DVBlink
• Community applications include
Transmission, ownCloud, qBittorrent,
mySQL, VPN server, Syslog, WordPress,
joomla, Media Wiki, and others
• Application availability subject to change
• Applications may impact overall
• Software Development Kit (SDK) available
for 3rd party developers

 RN426 x 1  網路線 x 1 安裝手冊
  電源線 x 1 螺絲包 x 1